Thank You Human

James Cleave (Creator)


Thank You Human is a project I conceived in October 2014 as I sat at my computer, reading post after post at how awful our world appeared to be. Whilst I can admit that there is plenty to be angry about, I have always felt that it is important to share positive experiences; whether as stories, pictures or videos.

I decided there and then that I wanted to create a tiny space on the internet to thank and allow people to thank other humans for the positive impact they have had in their lives, whether they were instrumental in their lives and careers, or just a random act of kindness in a fleeting moment in their day.


This is not a political website, but I think the world needs more unity, rather than policies that seek to divide us into increasingly hateful factions. I believe that people are inherently good, but are often afraid to speak out for what’s right in fear of upsetting the status quo.


I started the project by approaching people I knew or had supported in the past, asking them to write a letter to someone they would want to thank in life, given the chance. I originally wanted a photo of the person in question, but after feedback and sometimes the impossibility of it, I felt that the portrait of the human submitting would be more powerful.

The early results were mixed. Some flat out ignored my request for a story, a few people said they would get back to me (and didn’t), and a few others said that they couldn’t think of a single person they would want to thank on this earth, which we both found was rather eye-opening, if not down-right heart-breaking.

On the flip side of the coin, I received the most heartfelt, honest messages I think I have ever read in my life (one of which you can read here). What was even more inspiring to me were the follow-up messages I received of those I encouraged to physically print out and hand over their letters to the people they’d written them for (the follow-up for the 1st example can be read here). These are the moments I live for.


I hope that this community will grow and not be limited to only user-submitted content. I will continue to actively seek out friends and other humans for their stories to share. I hope you get involved too.


The goal is to bring people closer together and realise that we as a human race have far more in common, than we do differences. We are all in this together and the sooner we work together, the sooner we can make real progress as a species. I hope you become inspired and empowered by some of the stories that appear on this site and do your bit to be a little more kind to each other.


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