How does ‘Thank You Human’ work?

Step 1: Compose an email to

Step 2: Who will you thank?
– Someone you know personally who has made a significant impact on your life. This could be a parent, coach, teacher or even a friend.
– An anonymous stranger’s random act of kindness.
– An individual working for the greater good of humanity.

Step 3: Upload a high quality photo of yourself.

Step 4: Please include the following (in English and other submitted language):

From: [Insert your name and surname initial]
To: [Insert the individual’s name you want to thank (if known)]
Location: [Country]
Message: [what are you thankful to them for? Don’t hold back, but keep it clean for the kids!]

Step 5: Pending Admin approval (See T’s and C’s), your positive message will be accepted and broadcast to the community. Regardless of whether or not your story is published, you are encouraged to send your letter to the recipient.

Follow-up: Please send your recipients’ reactions to for us to create a follow-up page of the story.

THANK YOU HUMAN for contributing to our community.

James (Creator)

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